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EggSplore 2019 (Crocheted Egg in Senior Center) Lynnwood Washington

Film Festival Reviews (dot org) (Founder Ardor Creative Media)


Phinney Neighborhood Business Spotlight (Founder Ardor Creative Media)


SOULstice 2018

Bill Nye Music Video

Shoreline Area News

Shoreline Patch

Northwest Music Scene

Highway 99 Banners

I had created Art that was selected for the Highway 99 Banners in Shoreline.

Shoreline Area News

TnA Presents: The Moving Picture Corner

I was interviewed by Toran Whitaker about how I feel about film, Seattle, and my personal experiences.

Super Kid Cannon Mobile Game Press 

NBC 6 South Florida

Soon, the world will get to know a South Florida hometown hero named “Super Kid Cannon.”

He’s a red panda who needs your fingertips, and smartphone or tablet, to fight his archenemy, Khan, and save his love interest, Justine. (Video)…See More.

Miami New Times

Videogames are not necessarily the first thing that come to mind when one thinks of Miami, but SkyJoy Interactive is looking to change that. Cultist had the opportunity to see company’s office, play its first game, and learn more about the firm at the forefront of the Miami videogame scene….See More.

Hazard Gaming

This week Miguel, Alex, and Amanda of SkyJoy Games go Inside the Roleplayers Studio. We rate captains, break down barriers (Audio)…See More

UpGrade Magazine

This developments comes just as the Skyjoy team announced its recent partnership with Seeds, an organization that provides microloans from in-app-purchases to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Skyjoy will be contributing 25% of all in-app-purchase revenue in Super Kid Cannon …See More.

PR Newswire

MIAMI, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Super Kid Cannon has launched FOR FREE, worldwide, on Google Play, App Store, and Amazon Kindle.  Additionally, the Skyjoy team is extremely excited to announce their recent partnership with Seeds, an organization which provides microloans from in-app-purchases to entrepreneurs in developing countries… See More.

Tampa Bay Business Journal

“We’re very excited to release Super Kid Cannon to gamers worldwide, and hope the public takes to this fantastic game,” said Skyjoy Producer Amanda Drewniak… See More