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(I wanna meet) Bill Nye -Official Press Release

There are a lot songs out there hitting on the typical over played topics, but how often do you actually hear one that addresses something cool and relevant to all of us? Not too often, but Seattle singer/songwriter JON YOON wrote one of the catchiest songs about the well-known famous scientist and TV personality BILL NYE.

His newest release (I WANNA MEET) BILL NYE (due out March 1st) is a very upbeat poppy song that Yoon sings and plays on his Oscar Schmidt Willie K tenor ukulele. For those who don’t know, Bill Nye is one of the most well known people in the modern day science community. He is famously known for his hit TV show, Bill Nye the Science Guy, in which he taught science to millions of people in a fun and entertaining way. The same way of entertaining people can be said of Jon Yoon in not only his live performances that can often be seen around the Seattle area, but also in his newest Bill Nye themed video.
The song was sparked a couple of years ago, but recently came into fruition with the addition of some incredibly talented people on the production end of things. Jon’s friend, AMANDA DREWNIAK of ARDOR CREATIVE MEDIA took on the task of digital animation of the new video which encompassed artist KEN CHRISTENSEN of KENJAMIN ART & DESIGN illustrations. The song was produced in the studio by DAVID PATRICK MINER of CHARTREUSE MUFFIN STUDIO.

The look and feel of the video represent as if a student had been doodling in their notebook at their desk. Not only do the variety of characters come alive ranging from Bill Nye to Neil deGrasse Tyson to Michio Kaku, but so does the creative story which features a girl who loves science. Jon commented the following on its creation. “I chose a girl as the one wanting to meet Bill because I felt that it would be cool to have a girl represented and it would be a tip of the hat to all the girls who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).”

A successful key to the writing and creation process in the making of not only this song, but others like Jon’s previous EP album release “Purple Roses, Coffee Beans, and All The Things In Between” is that he just like Bill Nye is able to connect with his audience in a fun way. It’s something that makes Jon Yoon a special musician in that he brings a high level of creativity by way of the ukulele, his one of a kind personality, and in the case of his new song/video a love of science. We welcome you to not only experience Jon’s music, but learn more about him on Facebook or via his website. The song will be released via all major digital formats including iTunes, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, & Spotify on March 1st 2017.

Please contact Amanda Drewniak at amanda@ardorcreativemedia with any video inquires and booking inquires.

Jon is also accepting media requests about the new video as well as booking inquiries. Please reach out directly via social media or via email at: