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Amanda Drewniak

Amanda Drewniak is an artist and filmmaker hailing from the East Coast, formerly living in both New York and Florida. She now currently resides in Seattle, Wa. 


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Local Artist Amanda Drewniak shares how to create yarn from old t-shirts! Nurture ingenuity for practical uses of this upcycled yarn. Bring a t-shirt; leave with a ball of yarn, enlightenment, and inspiration.
Amanda Drewniak helps you transform t-shirt yarn into a functional Hanging Owl Basket. We will provide you with hooks, a roll of yarn, and items to embellish your baskets for a personal touch! If you have participated in our "All About T-Shirt Yarn" class or have your own t-shirt yarn, please bring it with you. This class level is good for Intermediate Beginning Students. Knowledge of how to chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and basic sewing skills are required.